Steps to achieve even more code quality

Steps to achieve even more code quality

In the last post I described methods and practices to achieve higher code quality by improving the development environment in which a team works as well as by using different testing approaches which can be used by individual developers or independent tester groups. One additional method is to improve the quality of the code by doing code reviews on a regular base.

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Johannes Täuber

I am a senior software developer, software architect and certified scrum master. My primary areas of involvement are in object-orientated development (applying OOA, OOD, SOA, AOP, …), refactoring, design patterns, agile methods (such as extreme programming or scrum). Currently my main platform is the .NET framework with the C# programming language. Additionally I have a lot of programming experience in Java and Delphi. Furthermore I have made contact with several other programming languages, such as C++, VB, etc.

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