LWS or Luxembourg Web Services

LWS or Luxembourg Web Services

LWS offers a public cloud in Luxembourg. They run on a new IBM© Pure flex Infrastructure in secure Tier IV data center.

To be specific, they offer a PaaS (Platform as a Service) where you can deploy your apps based on various stacks, be it python, ruby, java, MySQL, redis… If you are familiar with AWS‘s (Amazon Web Services) Elastic Beanstalk, you will notice the two services are quite similar.

The underlying technology is different though, LWS uses Jelastic (acronym for Java Elastic). Jelastic is a PaaS and Container based IaaS that provides high availability of applications and automatic vertical and horizontal scaling via containerization. Its user interface has a modern look. The end user gets to move sliders around to set minimum and maximum memory and CPU (based on cloudlets – a base unit) or specific thresholds to trigger vertical scaling for instance. While the service offers a lot, the interface makes it all feel “easy”.




All right, what’s the selling point to go LWS instead of directly using Jelastic, Elastic Beanstalk, Engine Yard, Openshift, Heroku… ? There are plenty of things common to these platfroms: you pay for what you use, you don’t need a sysadmin to get started, most used development languages are supported, state of the art data center, they’re the best in the World, … Oh! Almost forgot, Docker support check!

Well, there is one main thing that sets LWS appart from the rest of the pack, its geographical location and the laws that apply there. LWS is hosted in Luxembourg. The data is guaranteed to be hosted in, and only in Luxembourg! If this is not important to you, then drill down in the nitty gritty details of their offer to compare them to others. If your business, or the company you work for, must by law, compliance or for any other reason, have their data not leave Luxembourg (the country), then this might be a big deal for you.

Exactly that was a constraint for SquareBoard to provide their social intranet to LuxAir. And it’s exactly that constraint that was lifted by partnering with LWS.

You just had an “aaah” moment? Then LWS might be the cloud solution for you.

Olivier Robert
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