How to : reset the credentials for a given wifi profile on Windows 7

How to : reset the credentials for a given wifi profile on Windows 7

Yesterday, I found myself puzzled by one of Windows 7 weidnesses.

I wanted to reset the credentials used to connect to a wireless network at a customer’s. A user/password had already been entered for the wireless profile and Windows was automatically connecting using these credentials. I wanted to change those credentials.

Failed attempt

After a bit of googling, I tried a first solution

  • Open Network and Sharing Center
  • Open Manage Wireless Networks
  • Right click the given wireless network
  • Choose Properties
  • Select the Security tab


Once on that screen, the proposed solution was to uncheck the Remember my credentials for this connection each time I’m logged on then click Ok, then reopen the screen and recheck the box.

That did not work. Windows kept reconnecting without prompting for credentials, even after rebooting.

The solution

As strange as it seems, I could not find a simpler solution that this one.

  • Browse to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces\
  • Find in the directories named after Guids identifying your NICs the one XML file corresponding to your wireless network profile (also named after a Guid)
    • The name of the profile and the SSID of the network are available in the XML file itself
  • Backup this file just in case, and remove it from the directory
  • Reboot your machine so Windows completely forgets about these credentials (they are apparently cached in memory)

That did the trick for me. When I restarted my machine and tried to reconnect on the wireless network and I was prompted for new credentials.


Hopefully Windows 8 will offer a more straightforward way to do something that simple.

Cédric Pontet

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