[Feedbacks] JS Luxembourg : Meteor

[Feedbacks] JS Luxembourg : Meteor

On the 31th of March, it was the JavaScript Luxembourg Meetup. The subject was Meteor, presented by Guillaume, web developper in Luxembourg.

Meteor is a nice and easier tool to build application (web and mobile) with JavaScript and MongoDB. It’s open source plateforme under MIT Licence.

Meteor is really easy to install. Once you’ve upladed it on your platform (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), you can create an app with juste a short command line:

With that command line, you’ll have a new folder “myapp” with myapp.js, myapp.css, myapp.html and .meteor. The last one is for Meteor internal files. Once you’ve started and got all your files, you can run the application with:

And let’s go!

Now, you’ve got an application and you want to share it with the whole internet world. So easy! Share it on Meteor domaine :

It’s really easy and fast. Meteor doesn’t need refresh. Everything is push to the client, no need to refresh the page. You just have to wait for the build, and then you get the update on your browser.

But Meteor is not only for browser application. Is success is also about mobile application. Meteor has been designed for mobile app, on iOS and Android. You can run and build with Android and iOS emulator simply by :

And finally we’ve seen that Meteor is using a lot of packages to create application. You can find everything you want, from development (Jasmine, Account Password …) to designing (Bootstrap, Fontawesome…).

Why Meteor is reliable?

  • Well known technologies: NodeJS, MongoDB
  • Same scaling question than any others JS techno
  • Update frequently
  • Lots of productions app
  • Reactive community

And finally, some tips from Guillaume:

  • Use naming convention
  • Don’t publish everything
  • Use methods
  • Restful API using the router on the server

You can learn more about Meteor on their website or to have a look at Guillaume’s presentation.

Maeva Pitou
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