Come to talk about DDD and Azure at KanDDDinsky

KanDDDinsky with Cedric

Come to talk about DDD and Azure at KanDDDinsky

KanDDDinsky with Cedric

For this next edition of KanDDDinsky, Cédric, our fellow Software architect & Agile coach, will be talking about cloud computing and Domain-driven design. But, first, what is KanDDDinsky?


KanDDDinsky is Germany’s first DDD (Domain Driven Design) conference. During 2 days, in Berlin, Domain-driven design is King. KanDDDinsky wants to inspire and educate developers, connect people together and let them learn, share and experiment with DDD. No need to have any prior experience or IT level, everyone is welcome!

Accompanied by well-known experts and authors, attendees will learn better code, better architecture and better models through conferences and workshops.

Cédric’s talk is scheduled on day 1: “Steel in the cloud”, is about selling products online. It’s quite a common thing nowadays but selling and shipping 40 tons of steel coils in less than 48 hours is maybe a bit less common.

cédric Pontet
In his talk, he will explain how we helped our customer change its business model and its relationships with more than 20.000 users by implementing an online sales and order tracking system for their very specific business, both in Europe and South America. The system is deployed on Azure, implementing DDD and CQRS when it makes sense. He will explain the design decisions we took and the trade-offs we faced during development. Technologies used are Angular2 and Node.js using TypeScript as a common language. Leveraging the PaaS capabilities of Azure and its messaging capabilities, the platform integrates seamlessly with several heterogeneous back office systems. Infrastructure has been commoditized to reduce time to market and focus on offering the customer an easy and rich experience, providing a real competitive advantage. The project is developed following a Lean startup/Agile/DevOps approach, The development process implements continuous integration and continuous delivery to minimize the deployment effort, as well as production monitoring.

All these aspects will be addressed in his talk, in a very concrete and pragmatic way. Hopefully you will learn a few tricks and avoid some of the caveats we faced.

Everyone is welcome!



So, come join us at KanDDDinsky and meet Cédric!


20th & 21st October 2017

Kalkscheune in Berlin, Germany

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