Code Kata : improve your coding skills

Code Kata : improve your coding skills


The idea behind code kata is simple : if you want to become a better developer, you need to train yourself regularly. A code kata is a short exercise on which you can practice without any consequences for your day to day delivery, which helps you improve your abilities in problem solving, your creativity and you coding discipline.

Here are some places where you can find Kata catalogs

Here are other problem solving links

Are you practicing with some code katas yourself ? Feel free to share your experience, tips and links on the katas that you are using.

Cédric Pontet

Cédric Pontet is a seasoned Lean and Agile practitioner, with more than 13 years of experience in software development. He really started focusing on Agile project management when he joined Agile Partner. Since 2005. Cédric has been involved in sizable projects, for several customers in sectors as various as "notaries" public sector, intellectual property management, banking & insurance, or post & telecom. He has been working on these projects first as a developer, and then as an architect and a team leader, gaining more and more experience and agility, while always keeping an eye on technology evolutions. Lately, Cédric has been spending more time coaching teams to start their agile transformation, evangelizing Lean and Agile values, in Luxembourg and its neighboring countries, not only for software development but beyond.

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