Author: Cédric Pontet

According to Wikipedia, DevOps is

an emerging set of principles, methods and practices for communication, collaboration and integration between software development (application/software engineering) and IT operations (systems administration/infrastructure) professionals.It has developed in response to the emerging understanding of the interdependence and importance of both the development and operations disciplines in meeting an organization’s goal of rapidly producing software products and services.

In this post, I will explain how I have come to realize that I have been doing DevOps for some time without really noticing.

Setting up the stage

I have been working as a consultant within the Diams iQ project team at Dennemeyer for about 4 years now. The product is an Intellectual Property management system. This project is a long running Agile project and with time, our development process has evolved a lot.

We started as a (almost by the book) Scrum project with one team, one product backlog, one sprint backlog and so forth. Then we tried to split one bigger team into two smaller teams to gain some velocity and work in parallel on different areas of the product. It turned out we did not gain so much, therefore we merged the teams back into one. Let’s just say that we have embraced the Agile principle of inspect and adapt, and evolved our process a lot… and there are some very good reasons for that.

One of the specificities of this project is that the product is both used internally by Dennemeyer people, and also made available to Dennemeyer customers. Because of this, the product has been designed to be highly customizable and we had to involve more people into our development process, including internal stakeholders, customer representatives, technical people from Dennemeyer and IT operations at the customers.