Author: Cédric Pontet

Last week from Wednesday 19th till Friday 21st of November, Vilnius the capital city of Lithuania was invaded by no less than 700 geeks who gathered there to attend to Build Stuff, THE software conference which as its name indicates, is all about people who actually build stuff on a daily basis. Not only software, but well crafted, highly efficient and easily maintainable software. Doing so is the most difficult task in our industry.

A great conference

This year was the third installment of the conference which was initiated in 2012 by Greg Young (the man behind CQRS and EvenStore). It is now apparently the largest conference in Eastern Europe. This year, like the previous ones, the topics of the talks were about lots of different subjects, with lots of different technologies and addressing lots of different problem domains, with one common denominator: pragmatism. The good thing about this conference is that there is no bigotry or judgment. Yes there are people advocating for one practice or the other, a given technology or language, but all stay open minded. Whatever works for you, right?