Agile Testing Days 2011

From monday to wednesday I had the chance to visit the Agile Testing Days in Potsdam. It was an awesome event: I met a lot of interesting people (delegates, speakers & tutors), had many interesting conversations, met former colleagues, listened to amazing talks, and learned a lot. Far too much to wrap everything up in one blog posting. Therefor I will use this article to list up all the articles about the Agile Testing Days 2011 (#agileTD), the list will be updated as a add articles, so drop in from while to while, or subscribe to the RSS-feed:

Christian Baumann

I´m an agile practitioner with a strong focus on software testing. I started my professional career as a consultant in the area of test automation (GUI- as well as performance-testing), working in many different business domains; then became test automation engineer/ project manager verification/ test team lead in the healthcare sector. After getting in touch with "Agile" in the beginning of 2008 for the first time, I started reading (and learning) more & more about, being "infected" by this kind of working. In February 2011 I started for Agile Partner and and I´m courius what the next chapters of this story will be!

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