Agile Metteg #2 : Feedback about Agility

Agile Metteg #2 : Feedback about Agility



For this second edition we decided to invite Pierre-Alexandre Kablitz from Vitislife. He his the Head of IT of this company, but also Scrum Master. He has a great experience in the IT sector, so he was the good person to talk about agility.

Indeed, we thought it was a good thing to give a feedback about agility for people who would like to see in reality how to set it up. In fact, on the previous session, the theory of agility was presented but participants missed real case studies.

The participants were able to meet, discuss and ask all their question to our speaker right after his short presentation of how agility was settled in his company.

The feedbacks from the participants were really positive. They liked the fact that they could have a discussion with the speaker, who was not an Agile Partner collaborator. He came to show everybody how they use agility in their working everyday life.
The most important for us is that everybody felt confortable and had more information about agility, and this is an accomplished mission for Agile Partner !

Here is the presentation :

Cécile Michel
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