Agile Brown Bag July slides: Vagrant & Docker

Agile Brown Bag July slides: Vagrant & Docker

A few days ago, we had our last Agile Brown Bag before going on vacation. You requested more information about our ABB and Docker & Vagrant: there you go!

You can find the presentation on GitHub (Thanks to Olivier). To watch it, you need to use either reveal.js or Docker. A dockerfile and docker-compose yaml file are provided to get you started quickly. Here are the instructions:

  • clone this repo
  • build your image based on the provided docker file: docker build -t "bob/reveal" .
  • Install dependencies: docker-compose -f bootstrap.yml up
  • Launch presentation: docker-compose up
  • Point your browser to http://your_docker_host:8000

All basic demos can be found in the Vagrant directory.

But, if you don’t want to use reveal.js, you can have a look to this Slideshare

Maeva Pitou
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